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Our Techniques

Throughout the years of  training  both at college and by attending various post-graduate courses, a chiropractor has many different techniques available to them. This enables the chiropractor to 'tailor-make' a treatment plan specific to each patient. Nothing is set in stone, so as a matter of course, the treatment plan is reviewed by the chiropractor with the patient, and if required can be modified.

The techniques below are the most commonly used throughout the profession although many others are available.

Diversified technique

This is the classic form of chiropractic treatment. Patients are assessed in order to located restrictions in the various joints of the spine and in association with other techniques, these "fixations" are released using gentle, yet specific, manipulative movements.

Trigger point

The primary purpose of trigger point therapy is to reduce the pain that results from hypersensitive muscles. Trigger points are identified by gently pressing on the surface of the skin, sensing the texture of the underlying muscle.
A trigger point is like a knot the size of a pea, buried deep in the muscle tissue. It is made up of lactic acid, a normal by-product of muscular activity, which sometimes gets trapped in the muscle as a result of physical, chemical or emotional stress.

Drop table

This technique makes use of specialised drop piece mechanisms in the table to assist the adjustment. Individual cushions or "drop pieces" located along the table support each area of the spine until the thrust is given. Each drop piece then gently gives way, reducing the pressure needed to move a specific spinal segment.


The Activator technique is a gentle, low-force program of chiropractic care using an activator instrument or "mallet" to administer a gentle thrust to an individual spinal segment. There is no "cracking" with this technique of spinal adjusting. The Activator instrument is designed to resonate at the same frequency as bone in order to stimulate proprioceptive nerve endings and encourage the joint to regain it's normal range of movement.

"Have great confidence in the ability and professionalism of the chiropractor"  Mr W. Cheltenham

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