New research shows movement and physical activity are very important for treating back pain.


New research, published in the Lancet and which included chiropractors as contributing authors, shows movement and physical activity is the best treatment for backpain.

BCA President, Catherine Quinn, said “The British Chiropractic Association welcome the publication of the Lancet’s series on low back pain which suggests that in the West, we are over medicalising low back pain. With the global burden of low back pain forecast to increase in coming decades, ensuring that there are options available to patients who are experiencing this is paramount. Chiropractors provide the safe and effective hands on care which has been suggested within the first steps for the treatment of low back pain. This involves a package of care including education and advice to stay active, such as the Straighten Up UK exercises available for free from the BCA, spinal manipulation, massage and exercise therapy. Chiropractors are well positioned to provide this care.”
“This series comes at an important time. With the recent attention given to the use of opioid prescriptions for non-cancer pain becoming a complex public health crisis, chiropractors are able to provide non-pharmaceutical care options in the management of back pain, neck pain and other joint and muscle problems for which opioids are often prescribed. This paper recognises the use of medication in limited circumstances but also advises caution. It is great that the Lancet have produced such an important series of papers and we are proud to see two of chiropractics leading researchers Jan Hartvigsenn and Alice Kongsted as contributing authors.”

See here for more info and top tips on avoiding back pain:…/

Happy Easter from all at Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic!

For all those patients who have been bored by Chiropractor Catherine going on about her chickens (which is most of you!!) here is a photo of her prize hen “Fat Ethel” to say we hope you all had a wonderful Easter and ate lots of eggs!


Therapy EXPO 2017

There was a big focus on the treatment of sports injuries at the TherapyExpo at the Birmingham NEC this year with Registered Chiropractor Catherine attending lots of fascinating lectures and demonstrations. Some of the most interesting points raised include the importance of Gluteal strengthening, particularly single leg squats; new research into effective treatment of Iliotibial Band Syndrome and how fascial trains often cause pain on the opposite side of the body to the causative injury.

If you suffer from any of these problems, (particularly if you are a runner!) Catherine would love to share her new knowledge and skills with you to help reduce your pain – just ring 01242 513459 to make an appointment.

Chiropractor Catherine attends educational lectures at the Cobalt Centre

Chiropractor Catherine attended a fascinating talk at the Cobalt Imaging Centre last week. The title was “3D Printing and the future of orthopaedic surgery” by consultant surgeon Mr Harminder Gosal – explaining the most advanced technologies regarding orthopaedic implants. Mr Gosal even brought in some Knee and Hip replacement prostheses for us to see – don’t they look like bits of sculpture?!





Another interesting talk from the Cobalt Imaging centre last week – this time a lecture by Mr Jon Wand – Consultant Surgeon, on new techniques in shoulder surgery. Did you know that when a shoulder joint is replaced the ball and socket sections of the joint are often reversed so that the ball part is on your shoulder blade and the socket on the end of your arm bone… how Humerus! (little medical joke there, hee-hee!)

wand-1 wand-2









Catherine and Rita reunion!

Chiropractor Catherine met up with Rita Hemmings (Founder of the clinic who retired last year after 37 years working in Cheltenham) for lunch last week. They had a lovely catch up and Rita presented Catherine with these beautiful 1920’s Decanters as an engagement present – how thoughtful! Rita is really enjoying her retirement in Worcestershire and would like to say hello to all her past patients!



Rita and Catherine enjoying a reunion lunch!

Rita and Catherine enjoying a reunion lunch!


Engagement Decanters from 1925


Chiropractor Catherine attends the TherapyExpo at the NEC

Our Chiropractor Catherine Owers attended the TherapyExpo at the NEC in Birmingham last week – 2 days of unparalleled cross-speciality clinical programmes delivered by a wealth of expert speakers who lead within their specialty.

The conference programme was dedicated to four key areas, MSK, Sports Injuries & Biomechanics, Neuro Rehabilitation and Acute Care, covering everything from manipulative therapies to Sports Injury recovery. Musculoskeletal Healthcare professionals were taught the most up-to-date treatment techniques delivered as a staggered programme covering the latest research in tendon healing, proprioceptive rehabilitation, sports injury treatment, spinal manipulation, joint mobilisation and much more.

Catherine also got the chance to see exciting new rehabilitation technology being demonstrated and had a good look round the trade stands to see what useful new home exercise equipment she could pick up for her patients!


Smart new uniforms for our receptionists!

What do you think of the new uniforms for our receptionists Mandy and Pauline?


Our friendly receptionists Mandy and Pauline in their new customised uniforms, very smart ladies!

Chiropractor Catherine attends the opening of Nuffield Health Cheltenham’s new MRI scanner

Our Chiropractor Catherine attended the opening of the new MRI scanner at Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital last night which included a slice of this amazing scanner cake and a very interesting talk by Sports Medicine expert Dr Rod Jaques. (Catherine also got stuck in the AlterG running machine whilst trying it out in the physio gym and had to be cut out with a pair of scissors by Dr Jaques…….but we won’t talk about that.)

Dr Jaques has been involved in Sports Medicine for the last 25 years and is the Director of Medical Services at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), which provides medicine and sports science services to summer and winter olympic athletes. He is based in the EIS South West Region at Bath University where some of the Olympic athletes train. At Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital he works in private practice with a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, strength and conditioning, podiatry, nutritionalist, sports psychologist,  musculo-skeletal radiologists and orthopaedic consultants.

We have the ability to refer our patients at Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic to see Dr Jaques at the Nuffield for an expert opinion on sports injuries and can also refer patients for specialist rehabilitation in the Nuffield Health Gym including the use of the AlterG anti-gravity running machine. For more info about the AlterG either talk to Catherine at the Clinic or have a look here:



The AlterG Anti-gravity running machine at Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital.


MRI cake

Fabulous MRI Scanner cake at the Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital!

Rod Jaques

Dr Rod Jaques, Sports Medicine Specialist

Goodbye Rita – enjoy your retirement!

Rita and Catherine enjoying some fizzy!

Rita and Catherine enjoying some fizzy!

It was the end of an era on Friday as we said goodbye to Rita Hemmings – the Chiropractor who first started Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic in 1978. Rita ran the clinic for 37 years until she retired in May 2015 (when the clinic was taken over by her associate Catherine Owers) and this week she is finally moving to her dream house in rural Worcestershire for some well deserved peace and quiet. Rita, Catherine and the receptionists enjoyed a champagne lunch to wish Rita good luck in her new home and best wishes for a relaxing retirement – enjoy the gardening Rita!

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