Just a small selection of the nice things people we have helped have said about their experience at the Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic.

“Catherine is fantastic, she has been treating my chronic neck problems for years and the relief she gives me is incredible.”

“Catherine is amazing and very professional. I’ve suffered for weekly migraines for around 10 months so finally went for a visit, I almost gave up thinking they could never be solved and she saved the day! My posture was poor, I weight train so my muscles are overly tight which caused the migraines and curve my lower back from sitting at a desk all day. This is definitely best money I have ever spent! Thanks for all your help Catherine.”

“After a huge ammount of pain in my shoulders and neck I made an appointment to see Catherine who was very professional in diagnosing the problem and cause. Some on the spot treatment and a course deep heat has put me back on the right path again.”

“As soon as you arrive at the Clinic, you are made to feel very welcome and ready for your treatment. Catherine is an excellent practitioner, she made me feel at ease, and quickly identified what the problem was and the treatment necessary. I highly recommend Catherine and the Clinic to all.”

“Always very professional and super friendly”

“Can’t praise/recommend Catherine (Owers) highly enough. Under Catherine’s on-going treatment, I managed to recover sufficient enough from my back troubles to play in my Golf Club Championship. Ending up Nett Champion, now there’s an endorsement. Many thanks Catherine. x”

“Had my first visit a few days ago now. I couldn’t fault this fantastic lady in any way at all. Very relaxing place and was great to be able to explain in my own way the aches/pains etc and be understood! After an in-depth chat about health, work and general habits it was decided that some deep tissue massages over the course of a month or so was what I needed. Feeling the difference already and looking forward to going back. I feel far more educated with regards the pain I have been in. Very informative. Huge thanks and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone. Well worth spending a little money to help in the long run.”

“I had been struggling with a bad back for about a month before a good friend told me about the clinic. In the space of 5 weeks under the excellent care of both Melissa and Catherine I am now completely pain free. The quality of care and professionalism is of the highest quality. Thank you to all including the very friendly reception staff x”

“Catherine at the Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic is absolutely amazing. I suffered severe back pain for about a week.. after several doctors visits and huge amounts of pain relief I decided to visit as life in pain was becoming unbearable. After a consultation and examination Catherine explained what the problem was. She is extremely knowledgeable and with the aid of diagrams and models of the spine I was able to understand exactly what was wrong. After each visit I could feel a slight improvement and now, 5 sessions later I’m completely pain free. The clinic is lovely and modern with ample parking, Catherine and her team are warm and welcoming. I’d definitely recommend you to anyone. Thank you all 5*”