MRI scanning service

At Cheltenham Chiropractic clinic we refer all our patients in need of X-rays, CT or MRI scans to the Cobalt diagnostic imaging centre at Linton House on Thirlestaine Road.

Cobalt offer state of the art MRI, PET/CT, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound scanning services and due to their charitable status are able to keep their fees at an extremely competitive level. We are able to refer patients for self-funded scans and X-rays without the need for a GP referral and can usually obtain an imaging appointment within 3-5 days. Cobalt scans are also covered by most private health insurance companies.

For those patients who suffer from claustrophobia Linton house offers one of the country’s few OPEN MRI scanners making the whole experience more comfortable in a less enclosed environment.

For more information about the Cobalt imaging centre please see:

MRI Scan

  • 1 part scan – £252
  • 2 part scan – £426
  • 3 part scan – £590

CT Scan

  • 1 part scan – £342
  • 2 part scan – £450
  • 3 part scan £556

Cone Beam CT

  • 1 part scan – £174
  • 2 part scan – £295

Ultrasound scans and X-rays are also avaliable.

If necessary we can also refer you privately to an orthopaedic consultant, neurologist or rheumatologist if we think your problem needs a second opinion or further investigation. We work closely with several specialist surgeons in the area.