Chiropractor Catherine attends educational lectures at the Cobalt Centre

Chiropractor Catherine attended a fascinating talk at the Cobalt Imaging Centre last week. The title was “3D Printing and the future of orthopaedic surgery” by consultant surgeon Mr Harminder Gosal – explaining the most advanced technologies regarding orthopaedic implants. Mr Gosal even brought in some Knee and Hip replacement prostheses for us to see – don’t they look like bits of sculpture?!





Another interesting talk from the Cobalt Imaging centre last week – this time a lecture by Mr Jon Wand – Consultant Surgeon, on new techniques in shoulder surgery. Did you know that when a shoulder joint is replaced the ball and socket sections of the joint are often reversed so that the ball part is on your shoulder blade and the socket on the end of your arm bone… how Humerus! (little medical joke there, hee-hee!)

wand-1 wand-2