Chiropractor Catherine attends the opening of Nuffield Health Cheltenham’s new MRI scanner

Our Chiropractor Catherine attended the opening of the new MRI scanner at Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital last night which included a slice of this amazing scanner cake and a very interesting talk by Sports Medicine expert Dr Rod Jaques. (Catherine also got stuck in the AlterG running machine whilst trying it out in the physio gym and had to be cut out with a pair of scissors by Dr Jaques…….but we won’t talk about that.)

Dr Jaques has been involved in Sports Medicine for the last 25 years and is the Director of Medical Services at the English Institute of Sport (EIS), which provides medicine and sports science services to summer and winter olympic athletes. He is based in the EIS South West Region at Bath University where some of the Olympic athletes train. At Nuffield Health Cheltenham Hospital he works in private practice with a multidisciplinary team of physiotherapists, strength and conditioning, podiatry, nutritionalist, sports psychologist,  musculo-skeletal radiologists and orthopaedic consultants.

We have the ability to refer our patients at Cheltenham Chiropractic Clinic to see Dr Jaques at the Nuffield for an expert opinion on sports injuries and can also refer patients for specialist rehabilitation in the Nuffield Health Gym including the use of the AlterG anti-gravity running machine. For more info about the AlterG either talk to Catherine at the Clinic or have a look here:



The AlterG Anti-gravity running machine at Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital.


MRI cake

Fabulous MRI Scanner cake at the Cheltenham Nuffield Hospital!

Rod Jaques

Dr Rod Jaques, Sports Medicine Specialist