A meeting of friends using the ZOOM App

Using technology to stay in touch during the lockdown

Video calling apps like Zoom and House party are a great way to stay in touch with your friends and family during the lockdown.

This was Chiropractor Catherine talking to her University chums last night – they’ve been friends for 22 years!

A meeting of friends using the ZOOM App


Zoom was created as digital conference calling software, but its popularity has rocketed in recent weeks outside of work circumstances too.

The software is now being used for everything from streaming live yoga sessions to hosting family quiz nights.

For standard users, sessions are capped at 40 minutes – but you can pay to upgrade for longer conversations if you need them. Go to https://zoom.us/ to find out more.

Catherine also managed to take part in her weekly Pilates class via Zoom video. Technology really is bringing people together in this lockdown….as you can see Magic the cat is keeping an eye on proceedings!

Pilates via the ZOOM App Pilates via the ZOOM App



This is one app that’s gone somewhat viral since the social distancing measures were put in place last month.

Allowing you to be a full-blown social butterfly without ever leaving your sofa, you can drop in and out of your mates’ group video chats whenever you fancy it – probably making some new virtual friends in the process.

There are games you can play through the app too, including Heads Up and Quick Draw. If you want to have a private chat with your friends or family you can lock the room – if not random strangers can pop in, which can be very entertaining! Go to https://houseparty.com/ to find out more.